Would you like to register aas an AwanaX user?

Step 1

Non-Awana leaders: Complete the physical form - Provide applicant information and arrange the payment of fees
Awana leaders: Complete the online form - Provide applicant information

Step 2

Wait for approval - Approval usually completes within 7 working days, the results will be delivered through email

Step 3

Successful application - Applicants may now login to access eTraining, eBooks and eResources


  • Accounts is for use by the applicant only, do not share your account.
  • To quit AwanaX, please contact us.
  • Paid annual fees will not be refunded if you quit AwanaX.
  • In case of any dispute, the Association reserves the right to make the final decision.

Awana Leaders (currently serving or served within the last 3 years as an Awana leader)

  • Complete the online registration form
  • Annual fee waived
  • Permanent membership

Not an Awana leader or last served as an Awana leader over 3 years ago

  • Download an complete the physical form
  • HKD200 for the first year, HKD70 per year afterwards
  • Must have completed "Basic Training"
  • Renewal happens yearly before 1 January
  • For registrations after July, first renewal deadline will be 1 January of the year after next